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Jul. 26.

Broadening Horizons through Expansion

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. After a potential expansion project proposal was presented to the Vision Fund Committee on Monday, July 9th, we are now finding ourselves reflecting on the positive impact this development would have in our Black Hills community, and the greater Midwest region. We respect all voices and opinions that have surfaced during this discussion. As the purpose of the proposed multi-use facility is to serve the entire region, we welcome the thoughts and opinions of all those involved.

With a funding source proposed to come from the current Vision Fund, the suggested 15,000 to 18,000 seat expansion would open doors to an entire new world of culture, statewide sporting events such as tennis and soccer, and large, regional conventions, among others. The ability to pursue larger and more prominent events means not only diverse opportunities in a multi-purpose facility, but it would also bolster our economy and put Rapid City on the venue map. Additionally, the new facility would be equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, as well as fully compliant ADA amenities, which our current facility does not fulfill.

Completed in 1977, the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center has served the region well for the last 35 years. However, times have since changed. Our facility is now presented with a demand for larger events to meet the needs of a growing population. We hope to stay competitive as the future brings more opportunities to host statewide sporting events, large conferences, and headlining entertainment. Hosting events such as NCAA tournaments would become possible in an expanded arena. By constructing a facility to meet the needs of our Midwestern region, we see the proposed project as an outstanding opportunity to foster necessary growth and a healthy economic impact.

Lastly, we want to hear your voice. We encourage everyone to get involved during this decision making process, by attending community meetings. Your opinions have an impact on the future of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, so let them be heard. If you would like to review further information regarding the proposed project, be sure to visit our website page dedicated to the expansion:

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Sep. 16.

Updated and Set for a Tremendous Season!

As the last days of summer slip away, a feeling of excitement is emerging around our building. Part of this is most definitely due to the fact that this summer’s undertaking has been completed, right on schedule. Yes, the $1.2 million renovation of LaCroix Hall is finished, with stunning results. New carpet, doors, and wall covers, a completely remodeled ceiling, the addition of acoustic panels and a fresh color scheme are a few of the components that have taken LaCroix Hall from outdated to impressive. Elegant and stylish yet versatile enough to host events of all kinds, we know that the improvements made are sure to enhance our guests’ experience in the facility.

And just in time! The LaCroix Hall remodel wraps up as we embark on another tremendous season of the best events in the Midwest. As always, the 2011-2012 year will offer something for everyone. From the Broadway Play Series and country superstar Miranda Lambert to Tonic Sol-Fa and Rush Hockey, you can always count on quality entertainment at the Civic Center.

We’re ready and eager to welcome our visitors back to a facility that is updated and reinvigorated! We know you’ll enjoy what this season has to offer just as much as we enjoy hosting it. With an array of brand new and returning events, there’s never a shortage of things to see and do at The Center of it All…get your tickets today!

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Stay tuned for more photos of the completed LaCroix Hall!

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Mar. 01.

The Cost of Upkeep

At the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, there’s nothing we take pride in more than being able to truly be “The Center of it All.” It’s a title we feel is well deserved. For thirty four years, we’ve been bringing the most exciting concerts, plays, sporting games, conventions, and cultural events to the heart of the Midwest. From entertainers like Elton John and Taylor Swift, to world-renowned bull riders and commanding hockey champions, the biggest and the best have shared their talents in our facilities.

And while providing entertainment and education services to a five state region is our number one priority, it also comes with a hefty price tag. In order to offer a superior experience to those who visit the Civic Center, we continually strive to maintain state of the art facilities.

In 2008, we added the 5,100 seat Ice Arena, home to the 2010 President’s Cup Champions – the  Rapid City RUSH. While the Ice Arena was built with City funding, the empty structure, of course, had to be filled. In order to do so, large sums of our own funds were used, and like any other major undertaking, necessary costs quickly accumulate. There are equipment costs. For instance, the glass system around the rink and dasher boards cost $216,000. Our Zambonis cost $140,000, and electrical installation and paint equipment cost $162,000. Ice Decking was purchased to cover the ice during sporting events or concerts. This cost $120,000. Basketball courts cost $125,000. Chairs, staging, tables, trash cans, radios, carpet, hand dryers and other items may seem like minor expenditures, but together they amounted to over $223,000.  Overall, Ice Arena equipment cost the Civic Center $2.1 million. Then there are expenses such as the replay screens and televisions. Those items cost another $2 million.

In total, $4.1 million of Civic Center money was used to complete the addition of the Ice Arena.

Hosting a semi-professional hockey team is not cheap by any standards, but we feel it is well worth the cost to provide quality entertainment for people of all ages and interests.

And the Ice Arena is not the only area of the Civic Center that has seen drastic changes over the last two and a half years. Our Fine Arts Theatre recently underwent a $1.7 million renovation in which the lobby, auditorium, and backstage areas were remodeled to give them an updated look and feel. What’s more, we recently made vast improvements to our parking and security systems. Additional parking was added along New York Street, as well as security gates and a security camera system. These features were implemented to provide enhanced comfort and safety measures for our visitors, at the cost of $1.7 million. In addition, LaCroix Hall will be undergoing a $1 million renovation this summer, and $700,000 was recently spent on new roofing.

 It takes not only a highly dedicated team of employees to keep our facilities running in top condition, but also substantial investments of our own capital. We are glad to make these contributions in order to provide a five state region with state of the art facilities, and we look forward to making even more improvements in the near future. It takes a lot to be the “Center of it All,” but it’s a job we wouldn’t trade for the world.

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